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December 21, 2011

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North Korea in Transition
  Peterson Perspectives Interview
North Korea's Uncertain Transition:
Time for a Conciliatory Gesture?

Marcus Noland
  Marcus Noland Marcus Noland discusses the downside risks after the death of Kim Jong-il and suggests that a possible agreement to increase food aid would be appropriate.

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About Marcus Noland

Marcus Noland is widely considered a foremost expert on North Korea. He is author of Korea after Kim Jong-il and coauthor of Witness to Transformation: Refugee Insights into North Korea. His up-to-the-minute thoughts on North Korea can be found on his blog North Korea: Witness to Transformation.
Marcus Noland in the News

NPR Morning Edition
North Korea Faces 2nd Leadership Change in 60 Years
NPR's Tom Gjelten interviews Marcus Noland about what little is known about Kim Jong-un, the successor to his father Kim Jong-il.

NPR All Things Considered
US Treads Cautiously with North Korean Transition
NPR's Michele Kelemen talks with Marcus Noland about the risks the United States faces as North Korea transitions to a new leader.

Outlook for North Korea Following Kim Jong-Il Death
Marcus Noland tells Bloomberg's Tom Keene that the risks to stability in North Korea following Kim Jong-il's death stem from his successor Kim Jong-un's relative weakness; either he may not be able to control the military or, to burnish his own credentials, he may engage in military provocations.

Marketplace from American Public Media
North Korea Will Go about 'Business as Usual'
Marketplace Radio interviews Marcus Noland about the implications of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's death.

Essential Reading on
North Korea
North Korea after Kim Jong-il Korea after Kim Jong-il

Marcus Noland

North Korea: Witness to Transformation
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