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Research Staff

Nicolas Véron


Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Europe
  • Financial Regulation

Languages Spoken

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

News Release

Nicolas Veron

NPR's All Things Considered
Confidence in Cyprus Banks Falters as Government Proposes Deposit Tax
Audio with transcript | March 18, 2013
Nicolas Véron discusses how the bailout plan for Cyprus risks eroding people's confidence in the European banking system.

NPR's All Things Considered
EU Votes to Have a Single Regulator for Its Banks
Audio with transcript | December 13, 2012
Nicolas Véron tells NPR the move to a single regulator for banks in the European Union is truly a significant and transformational step. Simon Johnson adds that for the first time in nearly a hundred years, regulators, not politicians, will have the most influence on the banks.

'Dire Consequences' If Greece Exits Euro
Audio with transcript | May 17, 2012
Simon Johnson tells NPR's John Ydstie that the bank run in Greece paired with Greece's inability to form a government could force a disorderly exit from the euro before the next elections in June. Nicolas Véron then explains why he is more optimistic that a Greek exit from the euro area can be prevented.

Véron Says Merkel, Sarkozy Added to Euro Bond Confusion
Video | August 17, 2011
Nicolas Véron discusses the prospects for a common euro area bond following the meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.