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First In-depth Briefing On The Realities And Impact Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership Released By The Peterson Institute For International Economics
February 2, 2016

Peterson Institute Releases New Book On the Moral Conflicts of Globalization
January 7, 2016


Peterson Institute for International Economics Appoints Pedro Nicolaci da Costa as Editorial Fellow
October 1, 2015

PIIE Experts Forecast Sluggish Growth for the Global Economy in 2015–16, but No Panic over China
October 1, 2015

India Could Gain Significantly from Trade Liberalization, New PIIE Briefing Says
September 17, 2015

Olivier Blanchard Appointed to Endowed Chair at the Peterson Institute for International Economics
May 14, 2015

Anders Borg Joins the Peterson Institute for International Economics
April 20, 2015

New Book on Ukraine Calls for Sweeping Political, Economic, and Government Reforms
April 17, 2015

The US and UK Lead a Sluggish and Out-of-Sync Global Economy
April 7, 2015


Paolo Mauro Joins the Peterson Institute for International Economics
December 15, 2014

Peterson Institute Book Describes Lessons from the Victory of Capitalism over Communism
December 3, 2014

C. Fred Bergsten Awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
November 20, 2014

Arvind Subramanian Appointed Chief Economic Advisor to Indian Government
October 16, 2014

Peterson Institute Book Recommends Consideration of China-United States Trade and Investment Agreement
October 16, 2014

Renewed Concerns Drag Down the Growth Prospects for Major Advanced Economies
October 2, 2014

C. Fred Bergsten Named Swedish American of the Year
September 29, 2014

New Book by Nicholas R. Lardy Finds Private Businesses Are the Drivers of China's Economic Growth
September 10, 2014

Justin Wolfers to Join the Peterson Institute for International Economics
August 19, 2014

New Study Examines the Long-Term Sustainability of Euro Area Government Debt
July 10, 2014

Confronting the Curse: The Economics and Geopolitics of Natural Resource Governance
June 4, 2014

High-Level Working Group on Japan-US Common Economic Challenges Launched
June 3, 2014

Economic Normalization with Cuba: A Roadmap for US Policymakers
May 5, 2014

Peterson Institute Economists Forecast Modest Growth in Major Economies; Identify Ongoing Risks to Financial Stability Limiting Stimulus and Recovery
April 9, 2014

Three Global Leaders Join Peterson Institute for International Economics Board of Directors
April 2, 2014

Adam S. Posen Made an Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire
February 7, 2014

The True Costs of Flirting with Default
February 6, 2014

How Latin America Weathered the Global Financial Crisis
January 14, 2014

New PIIE Study Realistically Forecasts the Economic Impact of America's Oil and Gas Boom
January 8, 2014


C. Fred Bergsten Receives the National Foreign Trade Council's 2013 World Trade Award
November 5, 2013

Marcus Noland Named Executive Vice President and Director of Studies of the Peterson Institute for International Economics
November 1, 2013

Douglas A. Rediker and Nicolas Véron to Speak at The Economist's Buttonwood Gathering
October 28, 2013

The United States and Europe Have Not Practiced What They Preached in the Asian Financial Crisis of the Late 1990s
October 11, 2013

New PIIE Study Finds a Damaging Proliferation of Local Content Requirement Policies
October 7, 2013

Peterson Institute Forecasts Marked Down Due to Unnecessary Fed and Fiscal Tightening, EM Turmoil—But Still Above Consensus for China, Japan and US
October 1, 2013

Investments by Multinational Corporations both Into and Out of the United States Boost Job Growth and R&D
September 18, 2013

Peterson Institute Studies Will Form the Core Reading List for a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Globalization
September 9, 2013

Global Search Underway to Fill Newly Created C. Fred Bergsten Senior Fellowship
May 28, 2013

Bergsten Warns That Currency Wars Pose "Clear and Present Danger"
May 16, 2013

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Generously Extends Annual Lecture Series at PIIE
April 29, 2013

Improving Growth in US Despite Fiscal Drag, Ongoing Stagnation but Without Crisis in Europe, and Increasing Commitment to Markets in Latin America
April 1, 2013

New Study Examines Benefits to the US from Growth in Emerging Economies
March 19, 2013

Major ERANDA Foundation Gift to PIIE Supports New Research on What Difference Business and Labor Practices Can Make to Rising Inequality
January 14, 2013


Arvind Subramanian's Book, Eclipse, Named Best Book by China Business News
December 3, 2012

C. Fred Bergsten Reappointed to Ex-Im Bank Advisory Committee
December 3, 2012

Two out of Three Are Bad—And Slow Growth Now Diminishes Future Growth
November 8, 2012

Nicolas Véron Named One of the Top 10 Most Influential Thinkers by Bloomberg Markets Magazine
September 12, 2012

Robert B. Zoellick to Join Peterson Institute for International Economics
June 27, 2012

New Book Suggests Principles for International Regulation of Capital Flows
June 11, 2012

Adam S. Posen to Become New President of Peterson Institute for International Economics
May 18, 2012

Orszag Joins Peterson Institute for International Economics Board of Directors
March 13, 2012

Peterson Institute Adds Fraga and Inaba to Board
February 28, 2012

New Book by Nicholas Lardy Argues China Must Adopt New Growth Model
February 1, 2012

C. Fred Bergsten to Step Down as Director of Peterson Institute for International Economics
January 25, 2012

Michael L. Mussa, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and Former IMF Chief Economist, Dies at 67
January 17, 2012


Fred Bergsten Appointed to Ex-Im Bank Advisory Committee
December 16, 2011

Foreign Policy Lists Reinhart and Subramanian among World's Top 100 Thinkers
November 28, 2011

Dollar Now Overvalued and Renminbi Undervalued by about 10 Percent
November 11, 2011

Peterson Institute Wins "Oscar of the Think Tank World"
October 31, 2011

Services Can Pace New Export Boom
October 18, 2011

New Book Asserts that China Will Eclipse the United States
September 23, 2011

Flexible Exchange Rates Work
September 19, 2011

Peterson Institute and Bruegel Hold Conference on European Financial Situation
September 13, 2011

Senior Fellow Carmen M. Reinhart Wins Council on Foreign Relations' Arthur Ross Book Award
September 9, 2011

Peterson Institute Forecasts Slower Growth This Year but Possibly Better Prospects in 2012
September 9, 2011

Europe on the Brink: Three Scenarios for the Future of the Euro Area
July 21, 2011

Peter Boone Joins Peterson Institute as Nonresident Senior Fellow
July 21, 2011

New Book Documents Latvia's Swift Recovery from the Financial Crisis
July 14, 2011

New Study Examines America's Energy Security Options
June 30, 2011

New Book Calls for Re-Evaluation of Policies on Foreign Direct Investment and Development
June 1, 2011

PIIE Forecasts Continued Solid Global Economic Growth Despite Recent Turmoil
April 4, 2011

Debt Outlook Threatens US Economy
March 25, 2011

Witness to Transformation: Refugee Insights into North Korea
January 20, 2011

Carmen M. Reinhart Receives 2010 TIAA-CREF Paul A. Samuelson Award
January 10, 2011


Fighting the "Currency War"
November 8, 2010

Carmen Reinhart Appointed to Endowed Chair at Peterson Institute for International Economics
October 8, 2010

President Obama Appoints C. Fred Bergsten to Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations
October 4, 2010

The Time for Reform in Russia Is Now
June 10, 2010

The Economic, Employment, Energy Security, and Environmental Impact of the Proposed American Power Act
May 20, 2010

Nicholas Lardy Appointed to New Chair in Honor of Anthony M. Solomon
February 1, 2010


Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Necessary for Low Cost Climate Change Solutions
September 23, 2009

Former IMF Chief Economist Mussa Predicts 4 Percent Economic Growth for US and World Next Year with US Unemployment Dropping Below 9 Percent
September 17, 2009

Peterson Institute and World Resources Institute Widen Scope of Climate Change Research: Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Awards $400,000 Grant
September 14, 2009

New Book Calls for Further Chinese Currency Reforms
July 21, 2009

Marcus Noland To Be Deputy Director of Peterson Institute for International Economics
July 21, 2009

UK Chancellor Appoints Institute Deputy Director Adam Posen as External Member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee
June 22, 2009

Dollar Again Substantially Overvalued
June 3, 2009

MacArthur Foundation Awards Grant to Support Peterson Institute's Innovative Research on North Korea
May 29, 2009

The Unsustainable International Economic Position of the United States and the Budget Deficit
May 6, 2009

The Russia Balance Sheet
April 24, 2009

The Euro at Ten: The Next Global Currency?
April 23, 2009

Global Warming and the World Trading System [pdf]
March 3, 2009

Top Policymakers and Economists to Hold Symposium About US Action on Climate Change [pdf]
February 18, 2009

Green Economic Stimulus Creates Jobs, Saves Taxpayers Money [pdf]
February 10, 2009

Peterson Institute for International Economics Ranked Top Think Tank in World: Most Bang with Least Budget
January 16, 2009


Peterson Institute for International Economics Launches Caterpillar Media Center
December 3, 2008

China's Rise: Challenges and Opportunities [pdf]
October 8, 2008

Former IMF Economic Counsellor Simon Johnson Joins Peterson Institute as Senior Fellow
September 26, 2008

Steven R. Weisman of the New York Times to Join Peterson Institute for International Economics
July 29, 2008

Key Asian Currencies Still Substantially Undervalued with Respect to Dollar
July 23, 2008

Sanctions Success Is Possible But Not Common
July 15, 2008

Congress Should Tighten Definition of "Currency Manipulation" and Hold Treasury Accountable for Applying It
June 19, 2008

Council for the United States and Italy Launches Cooperation Agreement with the Peterson Institute For International Economics
June 6, 2008

$1.5 Million Grant Supports Peterson Institute and World Resources Institute Research on International Trade and Climate Change Policies [pdf]
May 29, 2008

US Climate Change Policy Can Create Fair Playing Field On Trade [pdf]
May 21, 2008

North Korea Again Headed Toward Outright Famine [pdf]
April 30, 2008


Market Economy and Democratization Likely to Prevail in Russia's Future [pdf]
November 19, 2007

CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin Joins Senior Staff of Peterson Institute for International Economics [pdf]
October 10, 2007

Adam Posen Becomes Deputy Director of Peterson Institute for International Economics [pdf]
October 10, 2007

Peterson Institute for International Economics Launches Major New India Program [pdf]
September 25, 2007

New Book Reveals How Capitalism Succeeded While Democracy Building Failed in Former Communist Countries [pdf]
September 19, 2007

World Agriculture Faces Serious Decline from Global Warming [pdf]
September 12, 2007

Arab Economies Face Massive Bulge in Labor Force and Require Renewed Globalization to Respond [pdf]
June 12, 2007

New International Report Calls for Major Exchange Rate Realignments [pdf]
March 27, 2007


Institute for International Economics Renamed in Honor of Founding Chairman Peter G. Peterson [pdf]
October 24, 2006

Accelerating the Globalization of America: The Role for Information Technology [pdf]
October 5, 2006

Reforming Agriculture Key to Successful Trade Talks, But More Needed for Development Round [pdf]
September 27, 2006

Exon-Florio Reform Could Hinder Investment to the United States [pdf]
May 18, 2006

Reforms Needed to Reinvigorate the IMF [pdf]
February 7, 2006


Institute Proposes Major US Corporate Tax Reform [pdf]
November 10, 2005

Upgrading NAFTA to Meet New Trade and Security Challenges [pdf]
October 18, 2005

Why Does Immigration Divide America? [pdf]
September 29, 2005

US Fiscal Adjustment and Further Dollar Decline Required to Curb Rising US External Debt [pdf]
September 19, 2005

Global Economic Growth to Slow in 2006 [pdf]
September 14, 2005

Stabilizing Capital Flows to Emerging Markets [pdf]
July 19, 2005

New "Social Compact" Needed to Restore Consensus for Open Trade Policy [pdf]
June 15, 2005

Prospective US-Egypt FTA Could Yield Important Benefits to Both Partners [pdf]
May 17, 2005

Euro's Impending Global Role Hampered by Lag in European Economic Reforms [pdf]
April 15, 2005

Continued Solid Global Growth in 2005 but Rising Risks for 2006 [pdf]
April 7, 2005

A New Foreign Economic Policy for the United States
February 9, 2005


Improvements Needed in the Fight Against Global Money Laundering
December 14, 2004

Bringing Taiwan into Asian Trade Liberalization
December 10, 2004

Substantial Further Dollar Decline Needed to Restore Balance to World Economy
November 30, 2004

New IMF and G-7 Strategies Needed to Resolve International Financial Crises
September 28, 2004

Major New Economic Reforms Needed In Europe
September 14, 2004

Global Free Trade Could Lift 500 Million People Out of Poverty
June 17, 2004

The United States Should Pursue Fewer but Larger Free Trade Agreements
May 7, 2004

Currency Mismatches at Center of Financial Crises in Emerging Economies
April 22, 2004

Global Growth Strong But Faces Risks From High Oil Prices, Budget Deficits, And Payments Imbalances
April 1, 2004

North Korean Political Stability in Play with Enormous Implications for South Korea
January 12, 2004


United States, Euroland, and Japan Should Adopt Inflation Targeting
October 30, 2003

Economic Recovery To Be Strong And Globalized
September 9, 2003

New Class Action Vehicle Threatens World Economy
July 24, 2003

International Labor Organization and World Trade Organization Need to Strengthen International Labor Standards
May 28, 2003

Overseas Private Investment Corporation Needs Substantial Changes in Authorizing Legislation and Modified Operating Procedures
May 13, 2003

Latin America Needs to Modify, Not Reverse, the Washington Consensus
May 12, 2003

Bradford Jensen to be Deputy Director of Institute for International Economics
April 9, 2003

"Asian Model" Of Industrial Policy Unlikely To Drive Growth In Other Developing Countries
April 2, 2003

India Needs More Global Engagement to Achieve Rapid Growth
March 24, 2003

Substantial Decline Required in Value of Dollar
February 26, 2003

China Expert Nicholas R. Lardy to Join Institute for International Economics
February 20, 2003

Korean Diaspora Makes Sizable Contribution to Korean and U.S. Economies
January 23, 2003


New East Asian Financial Arrangements Deserve International Support
October 2, 2002

World Poverty has Declined Sharply Under Globalization
September 26, 2002

Moderate Global Growth Expected But Europe Needs More Expansionary Policies
September 18, 2002

Former IMF Official Blames Fund in Argentina's Economic Collapse
July 16, 2002

G-8 Summit Must Act Decisively to Avert Global Trade War
June 24, 2002

IMF Gold Should Fund More Debt Relief for Poorest Countries
April 17, 2002

New Currency Regime of "Managed Floating Plus" Recommended for Larger Emerging Economies
April 16, 2002

Institute Senior Fellow Awarded One Million Yen for Korea Study
March 12, 2002

World Economy Could Gain $600 Billion from Reducing Global Price Differences
February 26, 2002

Fischer, McDonough, Soros, and Summers Join Board of Directors of Institute for International Economics
January 22, 2002


Understanding the Foundations for Shared Higher Productivity Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region
October 17, 2001

Globalization Increases Wages, Productivity, and Growth of American Firms, Workers, and Communities
October 11, 2001

Wage Insurance Needed to Counter Large Earnings Losses Experienced by Trade-Displaced Workers
October 11, 2001

The United States Should Stop Bashing Japan
October 3, 2001

Reform of G-10 Capital Suppliers Equally Important as Demand-Side Structural Reform to Manage Financial Crises
September 18, 2001

Trade Promotion Authority Needed to Open New WTO Round
September 10, 2001

Trade Promotion Authority Needed to Advance Free Trade Area of the Americas
September 10, 2001

A Blueprint for a North American Community
August 30, 2001

IMF Chief Economist to Join Institute for International Economics
July 20, 2001

Genoa G-8 Summit Should Commit $10 Billion a Year to Global Health Fund
July 12, 2001

New East Asian Blocs Could Alter Global Trading System
May 25, 2001

Korea-US Free Trade Agreement Could Boost the Two Economies and Catalyze Additional Trade Reforms in the Asia-Pacific Region
May 25, 2001

US Public Split Over Globalization Due to Sharp Differences in Education Levels
March 7, 2001

Institute Announces Three New Senior Fellows
January 11, 2001


Resolving the Japan Financial Crisis
October 25, 2000

Antiglobalists Did Not Kill the Multilateral Agreement on Investment
October 16, 2000

Emerging Market Economies Need Not Fix or Float
September 19, 2000

Intellectual Property Rights Can Spur Developing Countries and World Growth
August 16, 2000

WTO Should Launch New Trade Round in 2001
July 27, 2000

Effective E-Commerce Policies can Boost US Economy by $400 Billion
July 17, 2000

New Study Unveils Early Warning System for Financial Crisis
June 28, 2000

United States Should Pursue "Tough Love" Approach to North Korea in Wake of North-South Summit
June 22, 2000


Labor and Environmental Reforms Needed to Restart US Trade Policy
October 26, 1999

Is the US Trade Deficit Sustainable?
September 14, 1999

Congress Should Support the Exchange Stabilization Fund
April 21, 1999

International Monetary Crises Call for Urgent Four-Part Reform Program
February 25, 1999

New Study of Chinese Marketplace Suggests Revised US Policy Priorities
January 12, 1999


A "Grand Bargain" to Eliminate Distortions to Foreign Direct Investment
December 17, 1998

Trade Protection Stunts the Chinese Economy
November 19, 1998

Institute Study Calls for New Approach and Early Launch of Global Trade Talks
September 17, 1998

Sizable Macroeconomic Stimulus Will Restore Sustainable Growth in Japan
September 3, 1998

Asian Devaluations Add Sharply to United States Trade Deficit
July 21, 1998

Financial Services Liberalized Little in Recent WTO Agreement, But Future Negotiations can Contribute $1.3 Trillion to World Economy
June 22, 1998

Asian Crisis Reveals Need for Major Reforms on International Financial Architecture
June 3, 1998

Dollar Overvalued Substantially Against Yen, Modestly Against Euro
May 13, 1998

Fast-Track Trade Legislation Must be Revived in 1999
April 15, 1998

World Trade Organization Should Improve Quality and Expand Scope of Trade Policy Reviews
April 15, 1998

New Agricultural Liberalization Needed in Next Global Trade Talks
April 15, 1998


New International Initiatives Needed on Antitrust Policy
November 20, 1997

Trade Impact on US Wages: Modest in Past, Less in Future
November 6, 1997

Regional Blocs Support Global Trade System
October 16, 1997

APEC Needs New Environmental Agenda
October 16, 1997

Upcoming APEC Summit Should Create New Arrangements to Prevent and Respond to Future Monetary Crises in Asia Pacific Region
October 16, 1997

Fast-Track Trade Authority Should Be Permanent But Should Explicitly Endorse New Negotiations
September 8, 1997

Architect of Free Trade Area of Americas Proposes Negotiation by 2000
April 30, 1997

New International Banking Standard Needed to Counter Worldwide Banking Crises
April 18, 1997

Economic Sanctions Reduce US Exports by $15 Billion to $20 Billion Annually
April 16, 1997

Globalization Requires Positive Government Policy Responses
March 13, 1997


White House National Economic Council Needs More Regular Procedures and More Consistent Presidential Support
November 6, 1996

Crawling Bands Work
October 2, 1996

Ambitious Agenda Proposed for Initial World Trade Organization Ministerial
September 30, 1996

Avoiding Future Mexicos Requires Policy Reforms by Emerging Markets and Initiatives for Global Crisis Prevention/Management
September 27, 1996

Memorandum to the Press: New Institute Study
June 18, 1996

G-7 Has Decided Drastically: Exchange Rate and Financial Reforms Required
June 4, 1996

United States Should Reform Tax System and Adjust All New Business Taxes at the Border
January 25, 1996


Japan Must Provide Strong Leadership for Upcoming Summit
October 12, 1995

Dollar's Resurgence Will Worsen US External Deficit; G-7 Should Act or Halt or Partially Reverse Dollar's Rise
September 20, 1995

Currency Boards are Not the Answer
September 20, 1995

Implementation of Free Trade Program Proposed for Upcoming APEC Summit
August 25, 1995