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PIIE Press Call-Ins

The Peterson Institute holds periodic conference calls for members of the media to provide insight into the pressing economic issues of the day. For more information, call Brian Reil at (202) 454-1334 or via email.

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The Situation in Ukraine
March 10, 2014
Anders Åslund and Jeffrey J. Schott discuss political and economic efforts to isolate Russia and US and EU plans for providing financial assistance to support Ukraine's ailing economy.


Foreign Affairs Media Call: The Nomination of Janet Yellen to Chair the Federal Reserve
October 10, 2013
PIIE President Adam S. Posen and Harvard University professor Martin S. Feldstein discuss the nomination of Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen to replace outgoing Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke.

A Discussion of the G-20 Leaders' Summit and How the Agenda Items and Power Dynamics Have Changed Since Last Year
September 3, 2013
Ahead of the G-20 Leaders' Summit, PIIE experts discuss the tension between the recovering Western economies and the slowing BRICs [Brazil, Russia, India, and China], as well as the impact Syria might have on the summit agenda. Steven R. Weisman led the call and was joined by Anders Åslund, David J. Stockton, Arvind Subramanian, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, and C. Fred Bergsten.

Foreign Affairs Media Call: Federal Reserve Policy
July 10, 2013
PIIE President Adam S. Posen and University of California, Berkeley professor J. Bradford DeLong discuss the current state and future of Federal Reserve monetary policy.

Global Economic Prospects: The United States, Europe, and Latin America
April 2, 2013
Adam S. Posen, David J. Stockton, Barbara Kotschwar, and Jacob Funk Kirkegaard present their spring 2013 economic outlooks for the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

From Supervision to Resolution: Next Steps on the Road to European
February 19, 2013
Nicolas Véron and Guntram B. Wolff discussed their recent policy brief, which explains that special resolution regimes for banks and systemically important financial institutions are an attractive alternative to both insolvency and public bailouts, and have a compelling track record. The policy brief was jointly released by PIIE and Bruegel.

A Discussion of the G-20 Summit in Moscow and Its Agenda to Support Global Economic Growth
February 13, 2013
Adam S. Posen and Senior Fellow Anders Åslund discussed the likelihood of currency wars, the effects of deficit-cutting plans, and how policymakers can guide the global economy onto a more sustainable path to growth.


A Primer on the Upcoming G-20 Summit and the Challenges Facing the Euro Area
June 15, 2012
C. Fred Bergsten, William R. Cline, Morris Goldstein, C. Randall Henning, Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, and Edwin M. Truman discussed the big issues facing the world leaders as they prepared to meet for the G-20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Discussion on US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue
May 1, 2012
After having just returned from a China-US Economists Symposium in Beijing, Nicholas R. Lardy, William R. Cline, Joseph E. Gagnon, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, and Arvind Subramanian discussed the issues confronting the United States and China as the two sides prepare to meet for the Strategic and Economic Dialogue.


The Outcome of the December 9 EU Summit and ECB Action and their Impact on Economic and Financial Stability in Europe
December 12, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, and Nicolas Véron interpreted recent events in Europe, including new initiatives announced by the European Central Bank, and the outcome of the December 9 European Union summit and suggested next steps to resolve the crisis.

The Global Economy after the G-20 Meeting in Cannes
November 8, 2011
C. Fred Bergsten, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Michael Mussa, and Edwin M. Truman discussed what was and was not accomplished at the G-20 summit in Cannes as well as the latest developments in Greece, Italy, and the euro area as a whole.

The Greek Debt Crisis and Implications for the Global Economy
June 21, 2011
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Edwin M. Truman, and Nicolas Véron discussed the current state of the euro area crisis including implications of a Greek default and the possibility of contagion to other countries.